Certified DBA's at your service 

Administration, Support and Professional Services on leading databases, provided by certified experts.

Database experts

Our experience, methodologies and knowledge allow us to deliver the best service and consultancy for your Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres, MySQL and MongoDB database engines

We met most demanding SLA's 

Certified specialists, experts in leading database technologies

+100 certifications

Securing your operation

Our managed services free you from dependence on people allowing you to meet predictable service level objectives

Your support on incidents

Our specialized team has many certifications, and experience in multiple customer environments, to help you recover your systems as fast as possible when problems arise

Risk reduction

We developed and matured methodologies that allow us to improve database performance and reduce risk of failure

Lower your TCO

To maintain an expert team that also provides 24x7 support is becoming overly costly for organizations. Database management outsourcing reduce TCO for your organization and improve service levels provided

Experts at your service